World End Economica Game Gets Crowdfunding Project for Anime

A Crowdfunding Campaign will be launched by Game developer Spicy Tails on November 14 for an anime adaptation for its World End Economica Visual Novel.

About Game Developer Spicy

Game Developer Spicy Tails announced about crowdfunding campaign. The third and final episode will be debuted in 2013 and in crowdfunding campaign, it will be reveal at the start in an anime project.

The first episode of World End Economica has be stream in 2014 whose visual novel publisher was Sekai Project.

For second and third episodes launched a Kickstarter.

The World End Economica Writter And Author

The World End Economica has been writted by Isuna Hasekura and the author is Spice And Wolf.

About World End Economica

The World End Economica is the three part visual novel that has been set in the far future on the moon after the human have begun colonize 16 years after.

Haru ( a young boy ) who is chasing his wildest dream. He wants to stand where no man has ever stood. He need lot of capital to do that.

What will be the better place to get lots of money? Answer is Stock Market…

In 2016, Sekai release the game for Playstation 4. ANd Playstation Vita in 2017. But the released got delayed and The project Stated on July 1.

In the upcoming release, all three chapters of the game will be feature

Release Date

The First Episode of the game was already launched in 2011 in Japan. The Second Episode of the game was launched in 2012 and the third episode was launched in August 2013.

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