A data breach at Plex results in unauthorised access to usernames, emails, and other information.

Plex has sent an email to its subscribers alerting them to a security breach that has come to their attention. Although the email’s subject line mentions a “possible data breach,” the email’s body talks about suspicious activities and a third party accessing a portion of a database.

A data breach at Plex results in unauthorised access to usernames, emails, and other information.

Emails, usernames, and encrypted passwords, according to the business, were among the leaked data. All Plex users are needed to update their security credentials despite the fact that all passwords were encrypted and hashed, as a precaution.

Plex writes in the email: “We want you to be informed of a yesterday incident affecting your Plex account information. Even while we think this event won’t have much of an effect, we nevertheless want to make sure you have the knowledge and resources you need to keep your account safe “.

It continues by telling users:

We saw some unusual behaviour on one of our databases yesterday. We launched an inquiry right away, and it does seem like a third party was able to gain access to a small sample of data, which includes emails, usernames, and encrypted passwords. We are forcing all Plex accounts to have their passwords changed even though all account credentials that may have been obtained were hashed and encrypted in compliance with best standards. You may be sure that no credit card or other payment information was exposed in this event because it was not kept on our systems.

All users must change their passwords, according to the firm, who claims that this is part of its efforts to prevent a repeat of the incident.

To cut a long tale short, we respectfully ask that you change your Plex account password right now. The option to “Sign out linked devices after password change” is present while doing this. Additionally, you will be required to sign out of all of your devices (including any Plex Media Servers you may own) and sign back in using your new password after doing this. Although it is a pain, we advise doing this for heightened security. To help you reset your password, we have written a support page that includes detailed steps.

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