Does Google Scientists Achieved ‘Quantum Supremacy’ Breakthrough Over Classical Computers?

A new machine has been introduced by the Google that runs on the mind-blogging physics of quantum mechanics has repotedly solved a problem that would stump the world’s top supercomputers known as “Quantum Supermacy”

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This technology relies on the behaviour of tiny particles to encode huge amount of information.

According to a paper published on Wednesday in the journal Nature, Google’s Sycamore processor performed in less than three and a half minutes a calculation that would take the most powerful classical computer on the planet 10,000 years to complete.

Quantum Supremacy
Quantum Supremacy

The result of this technology will have great advantages for both Google and the United States.

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One of the advantages is that Quantum Technology is expected to confer huge economic and national security.

Preskill wrote in Quanta that “this is a privileged time in the history of our planet,” when the most arcane laws of physics might be harnessed for human ambitions.

One Bit, Two Bit, Red Bit, Qubit

Newton has three laws that object fall down, matter can one be in one place at one time, fall apart at the atomic and subatomic level.

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But in this quantum realm, things are totally different. such as-

  • Electron leap instantaneously from one energy state to another.
  • Particles can exist in multiple state at the same time which is called superposition
  • Particles can be connected which are across large distance which is called spooky by the Einstein and in modern physics known as entanglement.
  • Quantum computing will help scientists to put these wild particles to work

Superposition In Quantum

In quantum Superposition isn’t confined to being bither 0 to 1 which means it can exist either 0 or 1.

This means it can carry twice information.

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Two qubits convey four possible numbers; three are able to carry eight; four is the equivalent of 16. Entanglement further beefs up a system’s computing power by allowing it to perform multiple calculations at once.

Quantum Supremacy
Quantum Supremacy

The Quantum Technology

Lots of companies are competing to creat quantum machines. IBM was able to create its prototype

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Last year, President Trump Signed into law the National Quantum Intitiative Act which is established as a ressearch centre to focus on Quantum information science


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