Don’t Toy With Me Miss Nagatoro Episode 10

In Don’t Toy With Me Miss Nagatoro (Ijiranaide, Nagatoro San) Episode 10, On their way to home, Nagatoro told Hachioji that she have steamy snaps. He started to think about her own snaps. Suddenly she revealed that she is talking about Snap-Sizzle-Pop Chicken Bites. She showed him and started teasing him about having dirty thoughts.

You Seem Pretty Stiff, Senpai

It was a second year of Marathon day. Hachioji wasn’t able to run properly and was left behind. It was noticed by Nagatoro and her friends. On their way to home, Nagatoro told him that tomorrow they will have secret training sessions. In their training they run but Hachioji wasn’t able to run that much so she started teasing him and finally he started running. After running, Nagatoro helped him in stretching. It was seen by one of Nagatoro friend.

I’ll Do It For You, Senpai!

Hachioji was thinking about model to draw while Nagatoro noticed it and offered to model for him but he denied. The reason he give was that he will make a male model. She shows him, his drawing and started teasing him. He accepted her offer but he put a condition that she has to wear the same dress what he draw. He thought that she will unable to find the dress but she managed to find the dress.

He was drawing her while she started telling about culture festival and their plans. Her friends also told that one of them is doing haunted house while other is going to help gaming club. They started teasing Hachioji by saying that he can run cat cafe or drag cafe. He told that he might do the exhibition like last year. He heard some footsteps and told Nagatoro and her friends to hide. They all hide and the art club president visited Hachioji. She said that she came to know that he made art club as a party room where people visited to party. She also said that she is submitting club termination form. Nagatoro came outside the room and told her that you were not here so you don’t know how hard work he has done. President offer a challenge to Hachioji that next week in cultural festival, lets see who will get more vote. If he won then she will not submit the termination form, They accepted the competition.

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