For COVID-19, Voice Actor Masatomo Nakazawa Tests Positive , But he Is Asymptomatic

On this Monday, Voice Actor Masatomo Nakazawa and his talent agency announced that he was tested positive for Coronvirus. Masatomo Nakazawa was asymptomatic for the new Coronavirus Disease (COVID-19) noted by in the announcements and recuperating with the guidance of a healthcare center and specialists.

Symptoms and Test

He recently had a stomach pain and received the diagnosis of Gastritis said by Nakazawa . On this Sunday, he took a pre-event coronavirus test and received the positive test result. As of September 24, Nakazawa’s date for the onset of symptoms has been set.

Company Statement

Haikyo also said that According to the company guidance of a healthcare center, the company is responding. They even identified the close contacts of Nakazawa’s and are being contacted regarding the current events. The highest priority of the company is to ensure the health of its actors, clients, staff and fans.

Nakazawa’s Career

He has anime’s roles which include Haruki Nakayama in Given, Marco in FLCL progressice, Itsuki Shikatani in Yarichin Bitch-bu, Hutt River in Hetalia The World Twinkle and Tao in Noblesse.


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