BG Dream! Actress Kanon Shizaki quits her fan club and starts working independently

Actress Kanon Shizaki clarified that she wants to concentrate more on music on her new YouTube channel.

On August 31, voice actor Kanon Shizaki revealed through Twitter that she was quitting Ace Crew Entertainment and starting a freelance career as of September.

Shizaki’s departure was caused by a modification to their exclusivity deal, Ace Crew Entertainment stated on its website.

Actress Kanon Shizaki

The organisation also disclosed that Shizaki’s official fanclub “Kanon Orchestra” will cease operations on August 31. On September 15, the fanclub’s website will no longer be accessible, according to a notice that was put there. Information about refunds will be posted on the website later.

Shizaki is currently interacting with her followers directly on a new website called YouTube. She expressed regret for the announcements’ brevity in her first video, which was released on August 31. She added that she had recently reevaluated her goals as a voice actress and musician and that she now preferred to put more of an emphasis on music. To expose her songs to her audience, she intends to use her channel.

Shizaki left Bushiroad’s D4DJ project last month after playing the part of Rei Togetsu. In addition to portraying Rei Togetsu (and singing for the character), Shizaki also appears as Rinko Shirokane in the Roselia band in Bushiroad’s other music series, BanG Dream! (which additionally entails singing and playing the piano during live performances). BanG’s Dream! Regarding her participation in the franchise, the franchise has not made any pronouncements.

Rinko Shirokane’s position in BanG Dream was filled by Shizaki in place of Satomi Akesaka!

2018 — the year when Akesaka “graduated” from Roselia owing to an unexpected hearing loss.

Shizaki received a vocal cord edoema diagnosis on January 18 of this year and took a leave of absence. On March 1, she went back to work.

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