GKIDS and Shout! Factory will release the animated short “Summer Ghost” on November 1 on Blu-ray and digitally.

The “Summer Ghost” anime short, directed by artist loundraw (I want to eat your pancreas, Josee, The Tiger and the Fish, Vivy -Fluorite Eye’s Song-), will be made available on Blu-ray Disc and online on November 1 by GKIDS and Shout! Factory. The firm broadcast trailers with English dubbing and subtitles:

Summer Ghost

Both the English dub and the Japanese original with English subtitles will be included in the release. The documentary “To You Before Dawn,” a feature animatic, and an interview with loundraw are included as bonus materials.

The English cast consists of:

  • David Errigo Jr. as Tomoya
  • Megan Taylor Harvey as Ayane
  • Clifford Chapin as Ryo
  • Kyla Carter as Aoi
  • Anne Yatco as Tomoya’s Mom, Ayane’s Mom

This summer, GKIDS will release the short in North America’s theatres, as it had originally stated. The business presented a sneak glimpse on July 1 at Anime Expo. On June 15 and 17, the short was shown at the Annecy International Animation Film Festival.

The film had its Japanese premiere in November.

A single loundraw drawing served as the basis for the short’s plot. High school students Tomoya, Aoi, and Ry got to know one other online. According to a folktale, when fireworks are fired off, a spirit girl known as the “summer ghost” comes.

Tomoya is unable to lead the life he had planned. Aoi struggles to find her identity in the world. Ry’s previously bright future is abruptly taken from him. Everyone has a different urge for meeting the summer ghost. Where will each of their feelings lead them on a June night when life and death collide?

Loundraw not only directed but also created the original character designs, and Flat Studio, the company he founded in 2019, is animating. The script was written by Hirotaka Adachi, also known by his pen name Otsuichi (Stare flick, Goth, Calling You, Zoo). The concept was conceived of, developed by Flagship Line, and released by Avex Pictures. Itoko Toma, Guiano, and Hideya Kojima also contributed to the music, in addition to the well-known pianist Akira Kosemura.

In October 2021, Yoshi Inomi introduced the Tonari no Young Jump service to the manga adaption, and in November, the collected book volume was released. An expanded novelization of the anime, written by noted author and playwright Otsuichi, was published in October. The original novel Ichinose Yna ga Uiteiru (Yna Ichinose Is Floating), a spinoff that continues the “fireworks and ghosts” theme, was released in November.

The video is a component of Project Common, a multiplatform effort “to represent the genuine loundraw.” “Unchanging at whatever time, I want to find my steady self,” the illustrator remarked last summer. Finding the actual “loundraw” with myself and everyone else in this endeavour is a struggle. The English wording “real or fake? was included on the project’s website. His mentality and artistic style. These combine to form “one.”

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