H Mate Manhwa: Summary, Review And Details

H Mate is an adult Manhwa about two best friends who fall in love with each other. This manhwa shows some up and down in their life, but no one can control it when your destiny wants something from you.


A girl got dumped by his boyfriend, and she came to live with his best friend. She was feeling sad, so she insisted on getting physical with her best friend. She attacks her Best Friend from their school time. Finally, he got a response from the girl side, and he didn’t let it slide. After getting physical for the first time, the boy wants her to become his girlfriend, but she is afraid that he will leave him like others, so she rejected her offer. So to make up his mind, he made a new girlfriend who was her co-worker. She was interested in him, and when she confessed, he grabs the opportunity.

After that day, he started spending more time with her Girlfriend while her best friend noticed that he doesn’t come home on time. One day, he told his girlfriend that he lives with her best friend, a girl who made her girlfriend uncomfortable, so she went to his place. At last, the situation got so complicated that he has to tell her best friend to leave.

After that her relationship totally ruined and after 3 months he went back to her best friend, and after that they became couples.

Their past tried to interfere in their present, which shake their relationship a little bit. They fought again, but in the end, they broke up, but this time, the boy didn’t take 3 months to realize that she is the one. He went to her place and asked for forgiveness. At last, they were together again.

Number Of Episodes

H Mate Manhwa has 100 Episode

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