Noboru Takahashi of Mogura no Uta concludes the Ry H manga with volume 15.

Ry H (Liu Bang) by Noboru Takahashi’s 14th collected book volume stated on Tuesday that the manga will conclude with its 15th volume.

Mogura no Uta’s Noboru Takahashi

Emperor Gaozu, who established China’s Han dynasty, is the inspiration for the manga’s title. Before becoming the emperor, the manga depicts the future ruler’s life as a farmer. Liu Bang is viewed as a shame by Xiao He, a local government official.

The manga was introduced by Takahashi in the July 2017 issue of Big Comic from Shogakukan.

After Weekly Young Sunday ceased to be published in 2008, Takahashi transferred Mogura no Uta to Weekly Big Comic Spirits. Takahashi first published Mogura no Uta in Shogakukan’s Weekly Young Sunday magazine in 2005.

On Tuesday, Shogakukan released the 77th compilation book volume. Live-action films were influenced by the series.

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