Insect Land Anime Suspends Broadcast After Report on Original Author’s Alleged Indecent Acts (Updated)

On Friday, the official website for the animated adaptation of actor Teruyuki Kagawa’s Insect Land picture books revealed that the anime will no longer air on September 5. However, they will announce future transmission and distribution at a later time. Neither the website nor the official Twitter account provided a rationale.

The 5th of September sees the suspension of the anime Insect Land.

Every Monday at 8:45 a.m., the animation, which debuted on NHK’s E-Tele channel on April 4, is broadcast.

The anime is being directed by Jun Kawagoe (Getter Robo Arc, New Getter Robo, Mazinkaiser SKL), with Studio No Border noted as providing creative support. It is being produced by TMS Jinni’s and TMS Entertainment. The scripts are written and edited by Dr. Stone himself, Yuichiro Kido. The original character designs by Thomas Romain are being converted for animation by Ayumi Kakei, with Kagawa acting as executive producer. The tunes are being written by Ayana Tsujita.

With the release of the first volume of the Insect Land “nature learning picture books” in April 2020, anime designer Thomas Romain (Macross Delta, Carole & Tuesday) began creating the series’ artwork. The tales examine insect life while also highlighting ecological and cultural variety.

Following a storey in the weekly magazine Shukan Shincho last month that described alleged obscene activities that Kagawa performed, The Mainichi reported on Friday that several corporations are cancelling television appearances by Kagawa. According to the article, Kagawa reportedly groped a hostess’ breasts while removing her underpants at a nightclub in Tokyo. On August 26, Kagawa expressed regret on his show The Time, which he hosts.

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