Japanese Blu-ray Discs for Classroom of the Elite II Anime and DVDs Will Be Released Two Months Later

The team is postponing each of the second season’s Blu-ray Disc and DVD volumes in Japan by two months, according to the official website for the anime adaptation of Syougo Kinugasa’s Classroom of the Elite (Ykoso Jitsuryoku Shij Shugi no Kyshitsu e) light novels.

The scheduling adjustments are:

VolumeOriginal DateNew Date
for Classroom of the Elite II

The website states that the release has been postponed as the staff works to enhance the anime’s video quality. Due to this, the pre-order reserve campaign for the volumes at GAMERS and Animate shops has been extended through November 30.

On July 4, AT-X debuted the anime’s second season.

The English adaptation of the anime, Classroom of the Elite II, began streaming on Crunchyroll on July 25. The show is now being broadcast live.

July 2017 saw the debut of the inaugural season.

Both Funimation and Crunchyroll broadcast the show in its entirety. A third season of the anime will debut in 2023 as well. The first-year student arc of the first plot will be fully adapted for the second and third seasons.

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