Top 3 Digital Charts for a Record-Breaking 4 Weeks: Ado’s One Piece Film Red Music

Ado, a singer, became the first artist to accomplish so since the charts’ inception by holding the top spot for four straight weeks on each of Oricon’s three digital ranking charts. (Oricon’s weekly streaming rating debuted in December 2018, the digital album ranking in November 2016, and the digital single ranking in December 2017.) All of the singles and albums that made the charts feature songs by Ado from the One Piece Film Red anime.

One Piece Film Red continues to hold the top spot, while Pokémon: The Rise of Darkrai drops to #5.
One Piece

On the Oricon weekly streaming list for the week of August 29–September 4, Ado’s songs occupied all four of the top four positions. With more than 10 million streams in each of the previous three weeks, “Shinjidai” placed first with 15,977,253 streams, marking its fourth straight week at the top of the chart. A total of 122,893,505 streams have been made thus far. With 10,386,752 streams this week and 59,661,169 streams overall, the song “Watashi wa Saiky” ranked #2 overall. With 9,733,058 streams overall and 42,057,175 cumulative streams, “Utakata Lullaby” was rated third. With 9,657,019 streams and a cumulative total of 57,662,397 streams, “Gyakk” was rated #4.

“Shinjidai” held the top spot in the Oricon digital single list for a fifth week in a row with 20,463 new downloads. It is the fifth single to do so since the Oricon digital single chart began in December 2017 and the first to accomplish the milestone this year. Ado is the second female artist to accomplish the accomplishment (after LiSA) and the fourth artist overall. A total of 188,313 people have downloaded the single.

The Uta no Uta One Piece Film Red album, which has been downloaded a total of 71,030 times, has placed first for four weeks in a row with 10,002 new downloads.

In the One Piece Film Red anime, Ado provides the singing voice for the character Uta. Seven songs that Ado performed for the movie were published one by one as part of the “Uta Project” from June to August. Various music videos for each song were created by different composers. Songs from One Piece Film are included on the Uta no Uta album.

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