In its third trailer, the live-action Yatterman prequel Doronjo introduces more of its cast.

The live-action television series WOWOW Original Drama Doronjo (Tatsunoko Production 60th Anniversary WOWOW Original Drama Doronjo), which centres on the Yatterman villain Doronjo, debuted a new trailer and picture for the project on Tuesday. The series’ expanded cast is revealed in the teaser.


Arata Furuta plays Ikuzawa, the investigator looking into the accident where Nao Dorokawa lost the use of her left leg (top row in the image above).

Seiichir Hijirikawa, Aika Hijirikawa’s father, is portrayed by Kazuya Takahashi (fourth from right, bottom row). Shji Dorokawa, Nao’s foster father and uncle, is portrayed by Ysuke Hirayama (bottom row, middle).┬áNao’s biological mother, Ran Tsutsujigano, who was separated from Nao due to unfortunate circumstances, is portrayed by Reika Kirishima (centre left, bottom row). Ran is Shji’s sister. Shion Tsutsujigano, Nao’s true father, is portrayed by Yoshimasa Kondo.

Shunsuke Tanaka (upper right), Yma Yamoto (top centre), and Wataru Ichinose (upper left in the image above) all portray Doronjo’s future companions Tonzuraa/Shn, Boyakki/Hygo, and original character su, respectively.

The actors that portray Yatterman-1/Gan Takaiwada and Yatterman-2/Aika Hijirikawa are Daichi Kaneko (bottom left) and Hirona Yamazaki (bottom centre).

In the programme, Elaiza Ikeda plays the lead role of Nao Dorokawa, a heroine who would later adopt the name Doronjo.

On October 7, WOWOW will broadcast the first episode of the 11-episode season.

The show will depict the past and the life of Doronjo. In particular, it will show her life in a poor, harsh environment and the series of tragedies that led her down the path to becoming a villainess.

The programme honours Yatterman’s 45th birthday. The project also honours the Tatsunoko Production studio’s 60th birthday.

The television anime Yatterman Night (Yoru no Yatterman), produced by Tatsunoko Production, marked the franchise’s 40th anniversary in 2015. A Doronjo ancestor was the focus of that television show. As the anime aired in Japan, Funimation streamed it.

In the same year that the first Yatterman anime film debuted, the original Yatterman television series made its debut. An animated movie was released in 2009 after a new Yatterman television series that ran for 60 episodes in Japan in 2008. The same year saw the debut of a live-action movie.

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