Rie Kugimiya Plays Minyan in Obake Zukan! Anime

The cast of the upcoming anime series Obake Zukan! (with an exclamation point), which is based on the Obake Zukan monster picture book by Hiroshi Sait and Etsuyoshi Miyamoto, has been expanded with the addition of Rie Kugimiya as Minyan. Below is a picture of Minyan being placed on the head of the main character Hiroshi. Minyan was Bonyan’s younger sister in the previous anime.

Obake Zukan

Hiroshi is once again played by Daiki Yamashita.

On October 5, Oha-suta (Good Morning Studio), a children’s variety show on TV Tokyo and its associated networks, will air the anime for the first time.

The television animation at Fanworks is being directed by Naomi Iwata once more.

To write the scripts, Shigenori Tanabe is back.

The anime’s creators are EGG FIRM.

The series Obake Zukan! depicts numerous creatures and spirits and explains why they are frightening. The picture book series was launched in 2013 by Sait and Miyamoto, and the most recent instalment was released on March 31.

In July 2020, TV Tokyo’s Oha-suta hosted the debut of the first anime on television.

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