Video Games

A video game is an electronic game which has Graphic user interface or input device which includes joystick, controller, keyboard and different types of sensing devices. There are different types of games which has two or three dimensional video display device such as TV set, monitor, touchscreen or virtual reality headset.

What Is Video Games?

Video games has different types of voice and music according to the game. Different types of games required different types of system requirements. Video games are available in mobile gaming through smartphones and tablets computers.

The video games has different types of genres based on type of stories they had. Different kind of genre that are presents are, adventure, action, and more.

In 1950s and 1960s, the first video games were developed in electronic games using video like output from large room – size computers. But first video games were available to normal peoples in 1971. The first arcade game was a Computer Space and the next year was a Pong.

But as the time passes, the game got developed and with today’s game, the gamers need to have more skills to play different games. From 2010, the video game industry got increased. Mobile games and smartphones are having lots of growth in different kind of genres.


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