Cast for English Dub of Housing Complex C is revealed.

Jake Eberle, Kayli Mills, and Xanthe Huynh are the new star of housing complex c.

Housing Complex C

The English dub cast for the horror anime Housing Complex C was unveiled by Adult Swim on Monday.

Jake Eberle, Kayli Mills, and Xanthe Huynh will all appear in the anime. Additionally, Ryan Colt Levy, Suzie Yeung, Doug Stone, Michael Sorich, Caitlin Glass, Janis Carroll, and Bob Carter will be part of the dub cast.

On the Toonami programming block of Adult Swim, Housing Complex C will make its debut on October 1 at midnight EDT (really, October 2). The next day, HBO Max will then begin streaming the anime. There will be six 30-minute episodes.

In Adult Swim’s summary of the tale:

Kimi is the protagonist of Housing Complex C, a short film set in the coastal town of Kurosaki. Kimi seems to attract trouble wherever she goes, and horrifying things start to happen. Are the occupants of Housing Complex C being pursued by a prodigious evil?

The series is being directed by Yji Nara at the animation studio Akatsuki in Ogikubo, which also produced an animated Miley Cyrus ad for Gucci. The idea’s originator is acknowledged as amphibian. The producer is Production I.G. USA’s Maki Terashima-Furuta (FLCL Alternative, Fena: Pirate Princess), while the executive producer is Toonami’s creative director and senior vice president of action and anime at WarnerMedia, Jason DeMarco.

The opening theme song and the closing theme song will both be performed by Ivan Kwong / AG and De Tesla, respectively.

Also airing will be the anime on Adult Swim Canada.

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