The Tearmoon Empire Light Novels Will Become Anime on TV in 2023

A television anime adaptation of Nozomu Mochitsuki’s Tearmoon Empire light book series is coming in 2023, TO Books said on its Twitter account on Tuesday.

Tearmoon Empire Light Novels

The anime is being directed by SILVER LINK under the direction of Yshi Ibe (associate director on The Greatest Demon Lord is Reborn as a Typical Nobody).

The writing for the television series is done by Deko Akao (Komi Can’t Communicate, The Case Study of Vanitas).

Designing the characters is Mai Otsuka (The Demon Girl Next Door, Non Non Biyori) in Tearmoon Empire Light Novels.

Mia Luna Tearmoon, played by Sumire Uesaka, is a member of the cast.

The manga adaptation and the novel series are licenced by J-Novel Club, and it says the following about the plot:

The self-centered princess of the defunct Tearmoon Empire, Mia, looks at the bloody sun one final time as the guillotine blade descends while being surrounded by the hateful stares of her people. She then wakes up at the age of twelve. She embarks on making up for the numerous wrongs that beset the failing Empire after time is reversed and given a second chance. Government corruption Check. issues at the border? Check. Natural disasters and economic unrest? Check. What a hassle, it seems. Mia dislikes working hard, so she enlists others’ assistance, starting with her dependable maid Anne and the wise clergyman Ludwig. Together, they work round-the-clock to rebuild the Empire. Their constant efforts gradually begin to alter the course of history, bringing forth a new destiny for the entire continent. And why, you wonder, did the conceited princess alter her mind? Simply put, she didn’t. Her only fear is of the guillotine. Mia despises pain more than work since they hurt so bad.

In August 2018, Nozomu Mochitsuki began the novel series on the Shsetsuka ni Nar website, and in June 2019, TO Books released the first book with Gilse’s drawings. In May 2022, the tenth volume was released; on September 10, the eleventh volume will follow. The eighth volume was released online by J-Novel Club in July 2022, and a print edition will follow in March 2023.

In January 2020, TO Books released the first volume of Mizu Morino’s manga adaption. On February 20, 2022, the fourth compilation volume was released, and on September 10, 2022, the fifth compilation volume.

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